In Nigeria Here Is How Car Swapping Works

In Nigeria Here Is How Car Swapping Works

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You may be wondering if there are standardized methods for car swapping without being cheated. That is where car swapping dealers come in. If you had to do it yourself, you may not be able to perfectly evaluate the price and value of your own car or the second party’s car. So how do you go about it?

A. Make a car swap request

You head to a car swapping dealer or visit their website and request that you want to swap your car. You should be given a form to fill out, where you would enter details about the car you want to swap and the reasons for wanting to swap it. Resist the temptation to lie when filling out these forms because even if you make it through this first step, you would most likely make it through the next step:

B. Put the car up for inspection

After you have filled out the form, you would be asked to provide the car for inspection. Here, professionals from the car dealership will evaluate your own car. This is going to be tight scrutiny because they wouldn’t want either customer to feel cheated after the car-swapping process is done.

C. Let the swapping begin!

The car dealership provides you with a list of cars that are of equal value to your car. You choose the one you want and the cars are swapped. If you want an upgrade, they give you a list of cars you could upgrade to and how much you would need to pay. The same thing goes for a car downgrade.

D. Congrats transaction completed!

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